Congratulations Brandon Heusel

Congratulations Brandon!

It is an honor for the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation to be able to provide Working Artists Grants for Artists in the special needs community! Congratulations for you grant award. The Academy of Special Dreams mission brings public awareness, recognition and appreciation to the creative talents of people with disabilities. In an effort to assist the special needs community to achieve their artistic dreams, the Academy of Special Dreams will continue offering cash scholarships to those participants who submit their artistic expressions in the competitions sponsored by the Special Academy.

The College Scholarships Fund is targeted to the traditional college-aged student with a disability who is pursuing either a full- or part-time course of study in any medium of Art.

I am from Grand Island, Nebraska. I graduated from Grand Island Central Catholic High/Jr High School. For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of building things.

Even as a kid, I felt a pull to make things. That pull was something that came naturally. I enjoyed the peace of mind that comes from building a finished product. I like different kinds of art. I can do many different things with my creativity. My mother said I would play with things and break it down but not want to put things together. I used to play with a toy called K’nex. K’nex is a toy that allows one to create and build things. One of the things that I made was a K’nex prosthetic that would allow one to paint by pushing a button. I am also a good drawer and a lot of my work has been in the Fair.

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