In an effort to assist the special needs community to achieve their artistic dreams, the Academy of Special Dreams will offer a limited number of cash scholarships to those participants who submit their artistic expressions in the competitions sponsored by the Special Academy.

All projects must involve or be created by members of the special needs community who need support to promote their artistic talents.

All submissions will be judged for creativity, uniqueness and originality.

Academy of Special Dream’s Entrant Licenses-Releases

College Scholarship Fund / Working Artists Fund Criteria

All applicants must be 18 or older to participate in this process.

The College Scholarships Fund is targeted to the traditional college-aged student with a disability who is pursuing either a full- or part-time course of study in any medium of Art.

The Working Artists Fund is focused on the disabled adult artist who actively pursues a career or vocation in any artistic field and who occasionally requires financial support to further that career or vocation.

These cash awards are determined on a competitive basis and require the submission by e-mail of an art portfolio and artist’s statement


  • The artist’s portfolio should include 10 images, PC and Apple compatible (jpg).
  • The artist’s publishable quality photograph or headshot will be needed for credits
  • All materials should be labeled with artist’s name, title of each piece (if any), media, dimensions, and year completed.
  • The portfolio of Art may include publishable quality photographs of drawings, painting, ceramics, digital works, mixed media, printmaking, sculptures or other works of Art.
  • Self-portraits, still life and figure studies are recommended.


  • The Artist’s Statement should include your reasons for wanting to be an artist, a description of artists and/or works that you admire, and the challenges you face as an artist with disabilities. Your statement should be no longer than two pages.
  • Be sure to include your name at the top of your statement and disability.
  • Statement of treating physician or other healthcare provider describing the artist’s disability or medical condition must be submitted.

Please note that this statement will be held strictly confidential and not disclosed to anyone.


E-mail a completed application form together with your portfolio and artist’s statement to the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation at

College Scholarship Fund – APPLICATION FORM

Working Artists Fund – APPLICATION FORM

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