Welcome to The Academy Art Curator Gabriel Miranda Blanco

The Academy of Special Dreams Foundation is honored to welcome international artist and curator Gabriel Angel Miranda as our new Academy of Special Dreams International Curator. Welcome!

Your dedication and generosity are invaluable. Your support of the special needs community brings hope, courage and opportunities to many Artists in your community. What’s more, you are helping to create a more accepting and inclusive world for all people, regardless of disabilities.
Thank you Gabriel for your support, love and dedication to help us to Bring Public Awareness, recognition and appreciation to the creative talents of Artists with disabilities what mostly for helping us to create more opportunities to vulnerable families local and international.

For the last 2 years Artist Gabriel Angel Miranda has collaborated with The Academy of Special Dreams Foundation in our mission of inclusion in the arts. Thanks to the Collaboration between Centro Cultural BAUPRES’s Director and Academy of Special Dreams Community Ambassador Dory Perdomo our mission of inclusion in the arts is Crossing Borders!

On behalf of the Academy of Special Dreams we welcome you officially as part of the Academy’s Family.
Welcome to the Academy Artists and Curator Gabriel Miranda.

By Miranda,

There is a classic paradox, what would happen if an unstoppable force collided with an immovable object?
Easy to think is to believe that said clash ends badly. Far from that thought is the solution,
If the unstoppable force of the heart of the disability community collided with the immovable object of our limited mind, the reaction would be wonderful.

The two forces yield, the two worlds unite,
in our world that is called Inclusion. Inclusion of butterflies eager to fly, birds eager to cross borders.
Where the limit is marked by infinity
where they can drink from the stars and we see them as equals.

Disability is just a word in our eyes,
for other eyes it is a heavy yoke, a challenging word that forces one to be, not to give up, to reinvent the world every morning. Blue tears and a hard lesson in life and humility have been given to this trinity that life has put into this project.

Maru Pombo, Dory Perdomo and Michael Degar,
three suns that the veil of society has been removed to dress in love and hope and thus understand human fragility, understand how dreams shine in the eyes of the innocent to see that brightness is to recognize the dreamer that we were one day.
The wise trajectory of these three artists gives us a prism to see the stars so that new generations can contemplate with new, diverse optics and thus be able to rediscover the hidden meaning of existence.

Uniting borders itself is another paradox, if we unite them, they disappear, where before there were two sovereigns now only one, a single sovereign society, respectful without barriers and with the same ability to dream, with the same rights.
Sovereign inclusion through art!

Gabriel Miranda Blanco


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Your support of the special needs community helps increase public awareness,
recognition and appreciation of the creative talents of people with disabilities by providing
opportunities to many Artists in your community.