Gallery by Lauren S. Stein

Studying these artists has helped my artistic process. My process starts with using my imagination and creativity. Occasionally I’ll start with a sketch but typically I start with a blank page and just draw. The difficult task is deciding what to draw; once I begin working, it all flows together. Most of my charcoal drawings are abstract because of the lines, shapes, and unusual faces. I’m not afraid to think outside of the box. Some people might feel that my work is little rough or dark. Art is subjective.

My high school art teachers and professors at the art schools where I’ve taken classes have also helped define who I am as an artist. I’ve taken figure drawing, watercolor painting, illustration, photography, printmaking, and kinetic sculpture classes at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD). At the 11Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) I took classes in figure drawing, sequential arts, animation, and comic book design. These classes helped to improve my art skills. They challenged me to continue to develop my own creative style.

I’ve had several works included in exhibitions. In the summer of 2018 I had a plein air painting on display at the Boerner Botanical Gardens in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A self portrait was exhibited at the 2018 Wisconsin State Fair. Recently, I had a cartoon selected to be included in a coloring book to benefit a local charity. Through MIAD I’ve displayed charcoal drawings, printmaking, kinetic sculpture, and photography for the Third Ward Gallery Day.

Learning to deal with the challenges that I’ve experienced hasn’t been easy. It’s taken effort, patience, determination, and a desire to succeed. Its these same traits that I’ll use as I pursue a college education and as I continue through life after graduating college.

Visual arts remains my passion. Drawing, cartooning, and animation are my favorite forms of art. I want to attend college to pursue art. In college I’ll learn and develop skills which will further my career goal of creating cartoons that feature people with disabilities who work to overcome the challenges they face. I’d like to help make the world more accepting of people with disabilities, like me.

Tuition, books and art supplies are very expensive; so are doctors, therapists, tutors, and medication. My parents already spent a lot of money taking me from a low functioning toddler to a high functioning young adult and artist. I know that financially its been very difficult for them. Being awarded this scholarship would be my way of giving back to them for all they have done for me.

My skills and traits have helped me to succeed when the odds have been against me. I can achieve and have the desire to continue to grow in both my life and future career. Receiving this scholarship will help me achieve my goals so I can sketch a bright future for myself.

Thank you for your consideration.

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