“The Homegoing Service” by Shenick Jackson

“The Homegoing Service”

Who would have thought I would be saying goodbye to my first love. This was so hard for me. I would hear the plans being made of when and where the funeral would take place, the time etc. I still could not believe that this was happening however the reality of the matter was that it did happened my daughters father was no longer with us. So the funeral was set March 5, 1994..This was not the original day as I would do our everyday schedule, this was the day I would see my first love for the last time here on earth. I wanted my daughter to wear the beautiful Christmas dress her dad brought her for Christmas two months ago so that was my choice of what she would wear. I wore something as if I was going to church. We arrived at the church that was right where he would be laid to rest right behind. It was so many people, teachers, coaches, friends, family, even our principal showed up. He was loved by so many and to see the number of people that came to the homegoing service proved just that. The service was beautiful and moving along till the time to go around and view the body for the last time. I felt as if I couldn’t move. I made myself get up with the help of his grandmother waletha which means great grandmother in Spanish. I placed my last kiss on his forehead and spoke softly we will see each other again….To be continued!

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