Poems by Megan Maloney

I am like a Girl.

I am just a girl that finds out what she wants in life.
I am just a girl that has big dreams to reach.
I am just a girl that won’t give up hope.
I am just a girl that loves all the goodness that God has given her.

I am just a girl that has a big heart but won’t forget the past.
I am just a girl that will go after her dreams
Until she can’t stop.

I am just a girl, a girl with many Dreams!

“A story that makes me different”

I am not different, I am just special.
I don’t look different!
I don’t act different!
Please don’t treat me different than others.

I feel just like a normal eighteen year old woman.
I may be in different classes at school.
because we all learn differently.

I know some people think I am stupid
but I have amazing dreams, friends and
teachers that you never heard of before.

Most of my friends don’t know that I am special!
And they don’t care, because they are my friends.
Sometimes I wonder if they will know…
Will they treat me different?
Will they make fun of me?

I am special and I am telling you my story
because I want to tell people
how far I’ve gotten in life.

My story!
A story that makes me special

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