Creative Writing. I am Thankful for…

Enjoy this creative writing gallery by a DHH group from Alhambra High School.

Often, people who have very little or no functional hearing refer to themselves as “deaf.” Those with milder hearing loss may label themselves as “hard of hearing.” There are also people who may have an auditory processing disorder (APD), which causes difficulty in processing verbal information. When these two groups are combined, they are often referred to as individuals with “hearing impairments,” or “hearing loss,” or are “hearing impaired.” When referring to the Deaf culture, “Deaf” is capitalized. Accommodations for students who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have APD can be classified as “visual” and “aural.” Visual accommodations rely on a person’s sight; aural accommodations rely on a person’s hearing abilities. Examples of visual accommodations include sign language interpreters, lip reading, and captioning. Examples of aural accommodations include amplification devices such as FM systems.

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