A book by Shenick Jackson. Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

I was a teenager 19 years old with a one year old baby girl, in school, and living on my own. Wow things were tough however I had to continue to get up and make each and every day count. My day would start first with breakfast, getting my daughter up and off to the baby sitters which was only down stairs from me “Thank God “. She was a friend of the families and we had worked out an agreement due to my income circumstances. Then last but not least off to the bus stop to make that I would make it to class on time. I would get home and be so tired that I tried to find anything that would be microwave friendly because cooking was not going to take place.I would lie in bed and just go over and over, I had not planned my life to turn out this way so I would say a quick prayer than off to sleep to start another day, same order. One thing that kept me balanced was being active in my church by singing in the choir something that I love to do and participating in all the youth and young adult activities that were available at the time. Another hobby that I loved was roller skating. It was just an outlet to go and have a great time laughing and doing something that I was very good at doing. That worked for me to fill in the missing gaps and reminding myself that everything would be just fine till I was hit with the most devistating news ever…..To be continued……………….

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