You are Invited! FRIDA LEGACY

OPEN INVITATION to Frida Legacy Art Exhibition!

 Local and International Artists bring us a taste of Frida Kahlo with their unique art pieces depicting Frida Legendary life, Art and Legacy. This pieces are an example of “uniting borders with a highly technical, art style”.  Frida Legacy is particularly interesting because it takes the classic Frida portraits, to an international level featuring 18 artists from different backgrounds and ethnicities placing the artists’s background into the work! said,  Michael Dergar, CEO from The Academy. 

All in all, we should be proud and very happy for the positive impact these wonderful Artists are bringing to our communities through the Frida Legacy Art Exhibition. Thank you Alhambra City Hall for the opportunity!

Congratulations Artists!

Todd Tostado, Moldilox, Kate Tova, Gia Hernandez, Laura Maria Perez, Pal Kepenyes, Luz Nieto, Manuel Benitez, Miguel Valverde, Elisa Salas, Sergio Arau, Samuel Murutyan, Myrick Atanay, Annie Young, Flavia Zuniga West Ruiz, Maru Pombo and Michael Dergar.

“Frida Legacy” sponsored by The Academy of Special Dreams and New Light Art Gallery will continue touring other cities in the United States and abroad.

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