Somewhat I control my newly found tremors and succeeded.

Every artist must have role models and inspirations to fuel their work if they plan to succeed in an artistic career. I enjoy Lance Brown’s fast painting called “Mary and Baby” which uses striking bright, contrasting blues and yellows. Another artist I enjoy is Vermeer who painted the “Girl with a Pearl Earring.” I enjoy this painting because of the shallow light and her turban made with lapis lazuli. Finally, I admire Ansel Adams and his landscape photography work. Specifically, his picture of the Tetons and Snake River at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. The composition of the piece is beautiful and the contrast is striking even in black and white. I also love his use of mountains because I myself am a mountain girl and have always enjoyed taking pictures of them. As an artist I try to take these men as an example to follow and a bar to reach.

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