Save the Date! Uniting Borders, Empowering Artists. Thank you Sponsors!

The ACADEMY OF SPECIAL DREAMS Foundation presents:

Uniting Borders 2020.  An Inclusive Art Exhibition that Empowers Inclusion through Art.

15 individual stories of these featured artists are powerful. They lead to a better understanding of the issues people with disabilities face in our societies around the globe.  The Academy of Special Dreams Foundation invites you to stop by the Alhambra, City Hall lobby this August 2020 to enjoy this wonderful and inclusive art exhibition.  This Art Exhibition makes an impact Empowering Artists giving a voice to people with disabilities to express themselves as they seek equality and inclusion in our society as a critical need.  The Academy of Special Dreams Foundation Platform provides accessible and straightforward venue in Alhambra City Hall that allow people with disabilities to have a presence, be recognized and appreciated regardless of their disabilities. We give many thanks to the City of Alhambra and our sponsors for giving us this opportunity and support to showcase the talent of artists with disabilities.

The art exhibition is configured not only to be accessible to a wide range of people with disabilities but also to be inclusive.  “Uniting Borders is an inclusive art exhibition that can inform society a social need of inclusion, local, national, and in a global level. This exhibition Brings Public Awareness to a greater social change of justice to bring equal opportunity regardless of any disabilities” 

Congratulations Featured Artists:

Haile King- Rubie

Dory Perdomo

Shawn Gong

Maru Pombo

Santa Obdulia Hernández Nicolás

Martin Vogel

Ángel Pacheco Soriano

Basilio Alonzo

Jerry J Ruiz

Flavia Zúñiga-West Ruiz

Annie Young

Tom Doyle

Jhovana Cecena

Isaac Mathis

Michael Dergar


AUGUST, 2020

The art exhibition will be held during the month of August 2020 at the Alhambra City Hall lobby, 111 S. 1st Street, Alhambra, California. We Thanks our sponsors for their support of the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation and our partnership and collaboration with The ALHAMBRA and THE RATKOVICH COMPANY


The art exhibition will be held during the month of September 2020 – February 2021 at The ALHAMBRA Galleries, Alhambra, California.

A virtual Art exhibition will be featured in our website: and


Uniting Borders will be exhibited at the Los Angeles City Hall Bridge Gallery in our yearly Disability Art Show.  On behalf of The Academy of Special Dreams family we give many thanks to our following sponsors:  Walmart, Helen Woo, THE ALHAMBRA DAY NURSERY, FOUNDATION, CITY NATIONAL BANK, HAYDEL BIEL & ASSOCIATES, Morgan Stanley and Andrea Atanay, Isabel Carlos and Bianca Cruz, Karla Alonzo, Ignacio Sanchez, Alhambra Unified School District, Hotel CasAntica in Oaxaca, Mexico, ENTREPACK and BAUPRES Gallery.

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