Join Us! to “Uniting Borders” an Inclusive Art Exhibition

CONGRATULATIONS ARTIST and Thank you for your support!

“The Academy of Special Dreams and The ALHAMBRA present, Uniting Borders “Empowering Artists” 2022-2023, featuring the newest original works of Art by a diverse group of more than 200 local and international artists who represent a wide spectrum of race, ethnicity, gender, age and abilities, truly reflective of the diversity of our society. Congratulations to all the artists participating, especially our International artists from Mexico: Martha Olivas Torres, Gabriel Cortez Gutierrez, and Maru Huerta, artists who deftly manipulate their paint brush using only their mouth from their wheelchairs and whose colorful palettes simply inspire”.
We want to thank all our friends and supporters specially The Alhambra Chamber of Commerce, The Alhambra and The California Arts Council, Sonryee, Centro Cultural Baupres and Cultura Mazatlan for their funding and support to make this exhibition of inclusion possible and for giving us the opportunity to strengthen, recognize and uplift diversity, equity and inclusion in the arts.
As our CEO Michael Dergar states, “Now that the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us, the Empowering Artists 2022-2023 inclusive art exhibition will celebrate the creative talents of a diverse group of artists by showcasing their original works of art to reinforce our view and educate mainstream society that exhibitions of visual art can and must include people of all backgrounds without regard to disabilities.”

Congratulations Artists!

Dory Perdomo
Maru Pombo
Guadalupe Aguilar
Glen Rogers
Gerardo Santamarina
Diego Romero
Alejandro Mojica
Adriana Rochin
Lewis Julio Arango
Isabel Cristina Rengifo Triana
Maestro Reyes Gomez
Angel Sebastian Lopez Cabrera
Santa Obdulia Hernandez Nicolas
María Catalina Muñoz
John Arias
Robin Paternina Montes
Gabriel Miranda blanco
Martha Olivas Torres
Gabriel Cortez Gutierrez
Michael Unsinger
Annie Young
Maru Huerta
Salvador Correa
Rene Rodriguez
Maria Molina
Adriana Villavicencio
Jamire Johnson
Rosemary Teran
Marisa Rodriguez

Location: Alhambra City Hall Lobby Gallery
Address: 111 S 1st St, Alhambra, CA 91801
Hours: Closes soon ⋅ 5:30PM ⋅ Opens 7AM Thu


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