Gallery by Steven Brousseau

When I was about seven, I would draw nothing but dinosaurs, they were my favorite things to draw. As I got older, I would develop an interest in cartoon style drawing. The men who I feel inspired by are Caravaggio, Thomas Nast, Claude Monet, Bill Peet, and others. I have developed my own style of drawing and a love of history. I have fun drawing military images, combat scenes, and historical figures. I never leave my house with out something to draw or write on.

I started painting in 2010. I began using oil paints, but now I mainly use acrylics. For me, the best thing about painting is mixing the colors and creating thick textures on the canvas. I use brushes, palette knives and my fingers to create the texture. I have worked with a private art instructor, John Martin, for over 4 years. He has patiently helped me with my understanding of color and attention to detail. I really enjoy working with John, we have a great time together.

I am currently enrolled as a first year art student at Pasadena City College. One of my hopes for the future is to be a writer, an illustrator, and probably live near New York City.


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