Congratulations Shanell

In an effort to assist the special needs community to achieve their artistic dreams, the Academy of Special Dreams in collaboration with Mrs. Helen Woo will offer a limited number of cash scholarships and grants yearly for artists with disabilities and transitions programs who are either pursuing their studies in art or advancing their careers in art. We also provide working artists grants to deserving artists local and internationally.

Hello everyone! my name is Shanell Julianne. I am artist. I like painting and photography. I truly believe that we all should have equal opportunity in the arts and society. I am very thankful for my family and friends and for this opportunity to showcase my artwork to the world. Currently I am working and feel happy to be part of a contributing society and for the opportunity to have a job. Sometimes it can be very challenging but I do the best of myself to always thrive for what I want. I hope you like my artwork.


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