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I was born with cerebral palsy, therefore I can not use my hands and I can not walk by myself. I have a speech impediment, making it difficult for many people to understand me. I use a communication device to communicate with others. My communication device is a great blessing to me because it allows others to understand what I am trying to communicate. I am bilingual in spanish and english and this technology allows me to communicate in both languages. I am of normal intelligence. In 1979, I received my A.A degree in Liberal studies from Rio Hondo Community College. I also received my B.A in liberal studies from Cal-State Los Angeles, in 1986. I have my own art business, DG Unique Paintings. I sell paintings, bookmarkers, T-Shirts, and calenders displaying my own art at a variety of venues to raise money to support my dream of opening a home for disabled adults. Due to my disability I use a head pointer specially made for me to paint. The head pointer consist of two plastic bands, one band around my head and the other across. In the front of the head pointer there is a metal plate with a curved rod attached to it. At the tip of the rod there is a hole that can be adjusted to secure a crayon, or paint brush. I paint abstract paintings, allowing people to figure out in their own mind what they may see in my art. I enjoy participating in different activities in the community. I am a board member for the Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center. On the board we discuss ways to improve the life of develop mental disabled individuals as we are all effected by the trying economic environment of California. My dream is to own a home where I can rent rooms to disabled adults. The house will not be a group home not a licensed care facility but will be similar in concept. Each resident will contribute to the maintenance for the house and will be required to pay rent. I appreciate every purchase you make. Every penny counts. Thank you for reading my biography.

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