Congratulations Artists “Uniting Borders 2023”

“The Academy of Special Dreams, The California Arts Council, and The ALHAMBRA present “Uniting Borders: Empowering Artists” 2023-2024, featuring original works by over 60 local and international emerging artists representing diverse backgrounds, abilities, and perspectives. Congratulations to all participating artists, particularly international artists Maru Huerta, Gabriel Miranda, and Maestro Reyes Gomez whose art and mission of inclusion inspire us. As our CEO Michael Dergar states, this exhibition aims to celebrate the talents of diverse artists and educate mainstream society on the importance of inclusive art exhibitions post-pandemic.”


Congratulations Artists:

Artists 2023

Maru Huerta
Mrs. McKay Class LIFT
Mrs. Victory Class LIFT
Mr. Arroyo Class LIFT
Mrs. Nuñez Class LIFT
Gabriel Miranda
Maestro Reyes Gomez
Mrs. Osawa’s Class
Academy of Special Dreams Foundation
Michael Dergar

February, 2023
The art exhibition will be held during the month
of February 2023 at the Alhambra City Hall lobby,
111 S. 1st Street, Alhambra, California.

April 2023 – November 2023
Uniting Borders art collection at The Alhambra W Building.The Academy at The ALHAMBRA, Alhambra, California.

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