Gallery by Teresa Bone


My artwork bleeds out of me like an open wound. Every painting represents an important part in my life. Once a random idea consumes my mind, I cannot help but paint it. With every brushstroke I learn a new technique; creating clean lines is imperative. I make my art not only to support my means of living, but also to show people that there are better things to do than drugs. When my brush hits the canvas, I get higher than any person abusing any substance. My low income, drug filled environment motivates me to provide quality affordable art. Most of my work is done with Acrylic paint, although my current favorite medium is coffee. Even though I never only work on a single painting, passion fuels every piece. Once I start one work of art, it inspires me to plan out another. None of this was intentional; it’s all developing and evolving over time.

Here are the links to some of my work:


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