12th Annual Disability Art Exhibition 2019

12th Annual Disability Art Exhibition 2019. 

Congratulations Artists!

“We believe that all persons, regardless of their disabilities, should have equal opportunities to express their talents and to be successful in the Arts,” said Michael Dergar, President and CEO of the Pasadena-based Academy of Special Dreams Foundation. This Art Exhibition was another opportunity for us to encourage, promote and showcase the artistic expressions of these amazing artists from around the country. We give many thanks to the Department on Disability, and City of Los Angeles, for giving us this opportunity and for supporting artists of the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation.” We welcome Artist Maru Pombo, our featured Academy of Special Dreams Community Ambassador from Oaxaca, Mexico.

This Art Exhibitions are testament to the creativity of our friends in the special needs community and we encourage everyone to stop by the Los Angeles City Hall Lobby to see their works of art.”

We give many thanks to the Los Angeles Department on Disability for giving us the opportunity of collaborating together to make this Disability Art Exhibit 2019 an event of recognition and appreciation to the creative talents of artists with disabilities in our community.



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