Welcome Riley Weinstein Santa Clarita CA Community Ambassador

The Academy of Special Dreams is honored to welcome Riley Weinstein as Santa Clarita CA Community Ambassador.

My name is Riley Weinstein I am 18 years old and I teach new dance classes in my community called “Together We Stand” which is a dance class for kids, teens, and adults with and without special needs. My classes teach strength, movement, flexibility, dance routines, socialization, how to work together, and much more. I teach at Santa Clarita school Of Performing Arts and I’ve been teaching since I was 14 years old. I also throw my own benefit concerts that I started called “Getting The Word Out” and have very successful events. I am a dancer myself and have been dancing for 12 years and am very passionate in getting the word out about special needs dancers. I recently lead a walk in my community to raise awareness for special needs people in my community and had a great turn out! I’ve had a lot of stories in my community newspaper and have met one of my idols Mia Michaels Judge and famous choreographer on the hit dance show “So You Think You Can Dance” because of one of my articles. My father wrote a story about me in the “Chicken Soup For The Unsinkable Soul” called “Riley” back in 2000. I do all of these things because I myself have special needs and want to inspire those who have it also and let them know that having your dreams come true and doing what you love can be a reality which isn’t impossible and letting others know we can all come together and work together. Which is the meaning for my dance class “Together We Stand”. My dream is to be noticed for to be a professional choreographer and dancer and still share my love of dance with others.

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