The Special Academy gets involved in the Go Green movement

There is much more to the “Go Green” movement than the Special Academy could cover here but all of us can contribute and get involved in this environmental movement.

This month CEO & President Michael Dergar and Advisory Board Elizabeth Woo of the Special Academy of Dreams went on an amazing journey to the San Bernardino National Forest and planted dozens of trees to help replenish those destroyed by the recent wildfires.

The Academy believes that trees are one of our planet’s most vital assets which we need to nurture and sustain the quality of our environment because most of the oxygen we breathe is produced by the Earth’s forests. But their survival is often threatened by fires every year. Sadly, millions of trees are burned through the often careless and sometimes intentional acts of human beings each year.

The Academy encourages everyone to do their part for the conservation of our environment and trees in particular. You can recycle paper, buy paper made from recycled materials, support your local city by planting trees and switch from paper products to reusable and washable rags when cleaning.


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