Empowering Artists at The ALHAMBRA

Uniting Borders

Uniting Borders 2020-2021 EMPOWERING ARTISTS Virtual Art Exhibition.   Enjoy it!

“The Academy of Special Dreams and The ALHAMBRA and The RATKOVICH COMPANY present, Uniting Borders 2020, an inclusive art exhibition featuring original works of art by a diverse group of 15 local and international artists who represent a wide spectrum of race, ethnicity, gender, age and abilities, truly reflective of the diversity of our society,” Said Michael Dergar, CEO.  “This exhibition underscores the principle that the struggle for social justice that has taken root in our country must incorporate everyone in society, including people living with disabilities, and will feature Flavia Zuñiga-West, a Los Angeles-based art educator and curriculum developer who draws upon her African American and Mexican heritage to forge culturally responsive art, Shawn Gong, a high-functioning autistic young man from the San Gabriel Valley who is pursuing a career in photography, and Isaac Mathis, a self-taught autistic artist whose goal is to become a professional artist using his favorite medium, pastels, for easier blending and detailing.”

Bringing Public Awareness, Recognition and Appreciation to our artists with disabilities.

The Academy of Special Dreams Foundation believes its mission includes educating the larger society that disability is a natural part of the human experience and people with disabilities should not be excluded from participating in society due to discrimination or bias based on perceived disabilities. We strive for the day that having a physical, intellectual and other disability will in no way diminish the right of any individual to live independently and free of discrimination or bias, to enjoy self-determination, to pursue a meaningful career, to contribute to society, and to be part of a loving family.

We Thanks all our supporters and SPONSORS.

Exhibition Time Line

The art exhibition will be held during the month of September 2020 – February 2021 at The ALHAMBRA Galleries, Alhambra, California.
A virtual Art exhibition will be featured in our website: www.specialacademy.org and http://www.thealhambra.net/

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