Martha Olivas Torres

I paint with my mouth because I can’t do it with another part of my body!

My name is Martha Olivas Torres, I am 36 years old, I have a cerebral palsy motor disability, I have two professions: teleinformatics engineering and educational psychology, I continue to update myself with courses and diplomas, I work at the Multiple Attention Center No. 50 of Special Education as a computer teacher, I also receive private physical therapy twice a week
Also, I am a mouth painter, at the moment the technique I apply is acrylic on canvas, I have liked painting since I was a child, I told my mother to buy me colors and coloring books, I played in painting exhibitions, I grabbed the colors with great difficulty by hand and was constantly throwing them away.

When I attended 2nd. High school grade, she selected the drawing and painting workshop, where an exhibition was held and she managed to sell a painting. Her teacher encouraged and motivated her, expressing that she was doing very well, that she should continue, but her goal was to continue studying; Years later, she visited her former painting teacher Blas Hernández to ask him for private lessons. From that moment, Martha realized how much she liked to paint, since it is an activity that relaxes and calms her down.
In the month of February 2019, he entered the Municipal Center of Arts of the Mazatlan Institute of Culture with painting classes twice a week, where he is currently studying painting. Since March 2019 she has been a fellow of the association of mouth and foot painters.

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