I paint with my mouth because I can’t do it with another part of my body!

I paint with my mouth because I can’t do it with another part of my body, when I start a work, first I select a subject, then I practice the drawing several times on a drawing pad with pencil, I repeat it several times until I think it’s right, I do it because it’s difficult for me to draw because I’ve never done it before and I have to practice. Later I make the drawing on the canvas, to later put the different colors with the advice of Professor Miguel Flores, my current painting teacher, it takes me a month or a month and a half to make a painting according to the degree of difficulty, at first I saw the image as a whole now I see the details that was not very easy. With each painting I learn to combine colors to see and paint details of the work, it is something sensational to be able to do it by myself, it has not been easy, it is perseverance, effort and a lot of work. Being able to earn money with my work is very satisfying. It’s how I titled my first article I wrote for the newspaper “Life is difficult but beautiful.”
Since I was little it was a challenge for me to study because I didn’t know how I was going to do it, I always thought I could, along the way I found people who believed in me and supported me, as well as people who thought I wouldn’t make it, because it was a long time. when there were no support programs yet. However, I looked for and turned a deaf ear to negative comments, I worked hard, first to learn to read, then to write because I couldn’t do it with my hands and when I did it, it was a success and from then on, I fought to achieve the goals proposals, like living a normal life and adapting to society.

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