Jayme Sun Thomas

Good Morning. I am Jayme Sun Thomas, Photography Fine Arts Major at College of the Canyons. I initially had been a Bio Chemistry Major at College of the Canyons before I switched to a Photography Major.  I love Chemistry and Biology, though Photography is more relaxing, and gives me great energy and satisfaction as I capture images and process them afterwards. Since becoming a Photography Major I have leaned to Paint, and have realized that Painting and Drawing is just as relaxing for me as Photography is. I’m hoping to find a market for my Photography and Painting someday, as well as publish books on Photography.  My artistic interests as I’ve stated include Photography, Drawing, and Painting. I have specialized in capturing images of Wildlife and Nature in the mountains and at the beaches. I am a member of SCV Photography Association, and the National Audubon Society.  Since joining the Audubon Society, I have gained great knowledge on how Global Warming has been affecting Wildlife, specifically birds at the Oceans and in the Forests worldwide. I am very concerned that less and less Wildlife will be around for man to enjoy the beauty and peacefulness that they exhibit and contribute to the planet.  One of my Images is of a Night Heron with Graffiti in the background. That image illustrates to me how man has completely overtaken the Night Heron’s habitat, that at one time was just their habitat, without the interference of man.

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