The graffiti illustrates to me that man and Wildlife have to survive together.

The graffiti illustrates to me that man and Wildlife have to survive together, and it suggests that it is up to man to make it a nice planet for Wildlife to continue to thrive and survive here.

A threat to Wildlife’s survival has been and continues to be, Global Warming and Pollution at an alarming rate. Sea levels have been rising, causing coastal flooding, affecting where animals can breed and nest. Increased global temperatures affect Wildlife’s internal temperatures, and some of them have overheated and died. Climate Change affects the life cycles of Wild Animals, as they migrate and breed at earlier times and have a hard time finding food for themselves and for their young. Acidification in the atmosphere and in the ocean has depleted the Oxygen content. Man’s vital resources have limits as to how much they can continue to absorb.

Those are my concerns as I capture images of Wildlife and Nature. I want to publish books illustrating the beauty of Wildlife and Nature, together with the Scientific Data on the facts that Global Warming is affecting Wildlife worldwide. I want to stress the importance of man and animals surviving together on the planet of less acidic air and less acidic water, in order to ensure that humanity and animals will survive on the planet for a very long time. I want to encourage man to make great efforts in helping the animals survive here, by encouraging man to take proper steps to eliminate the carbons that he has been putting into the atmosphere, and for him to terminate the pollution that he has caused that is ruining the oceans and forests. Those are my concerns as a Wildlife Photographer.

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