BreAnne Hamby

Welcome to the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation BreAnne Hamby.   It is a pleasure for the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation to support talented artists like you.  Welcome to the Academy. 

About the Artist:

Since I was young I have loved art. In first grade I was asked my favorite subject and I told my teachers proudly that I loved art the best. However, over time my art became a passion instead of a simple hobby. Growing up I would walk around making films of my family and show them to everyone like a prized pig. I would draw with any utensil I could get my hands on and tape it anywhere my house had an empty space. By the time I reached middle school, photography became a passion for me and art returned to a hobby I enjoyed for relaxation. I took art electives to further my knowledge and in high school things took a turn and I began to take art seriously by taking college classes.  At first, I did not think about going to college for an art degree. However, as time came closer I realized how passionate I really was about art. I realized I could make something I enjoy into a career. Now, I attend Southwest Baptist University and study general art. One day I would like to open my own art business. Although I am not sure exactly what I want to do, I know it will have to do with sharing art with others.

For as long as I can remember I have had a desire to help people. Art has become a way that I can help people relax and enjoy themselves. For me, opening my own business would help me reach more people and show them the beauty around us every day that is usually easily missed. Growing up I have had many friends who were disabled and as I grew older I began to grow a fondness for kids who have disabilities. Art can be very therapeutic for those who struggle with these issues as well as for former veterans or mentally struggling individuals. Overall, art is something I want to share with everyone because they deserve a chance to fall in love with it too.

Although art is a passion for me, it has not always been easy. When I was 15 I began to realize my hands were shaking. After many tests, I was diagnosed with Essential Tremors. By my sophomore year in highs chool I could no longer feed myself, write, or draw anything nearly straight because I simply could not control my hand movements. As an artist this became a frustrating time because I felt as though all my art looked horrible and was impossible to create. Attempting to draw something decent was a frustrating process, taking non-blurry photos was nearly impossible, and painting was more like a difficult sport. Although this was crushing, I decided that this disability could not stop me. For months I worked hard to learn how to somewhat control my newly found tremors and succeeded. However, there are still difficulties. Drawing straight lines takes time and patience, to take photos I usually need a tripod, and to paint I must rest my hand on a table. I am proud that I overcame my circumstances because to this day my art still makes people feel and think. Most of the time, people don’t even realize the blood, sweat, and tears that a piece can take, but that is the beauty of it. Now that I am in college, I am realizing there are still difficulties to come, but with patience and a passion for art I can persevere.


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