Anna Braddy

Welcome to the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation Family Anna Braddy! . It is a pleasure for the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation to support and collaborate with talented artists like you. Welcome to the Academy!

About the artist:

Art has always been my sanctuary, a profound means to articulate my experiences and champion causes close to my heart. From my earliest memories of
crafting small projects, it has evolved into the intricate pieces I create today. The arts are my voice, my canvas for expression, and a powerful vehicle for advocacy. My artistic journey began with simple crafts during my childhood. As I grew, so did my passion for creation.

One pivotal moment stands out: Pacing the basement of my art studio, I picked up random materials scattered across the shelves. A block of stone, marble tiles, various textiles; nothing sparked inspiration. Feeling defeated, I scanned the room and eventually paused at an abandoned, partially-painted, limbless, life-sized female torso. Defeat waned, and possibility emerged. A vision slowly took shape, the piece’s future: a black shadowy silhouette adorned with gaping holes. I spent the following months bringing to life the tenebrous figure I envisioned. I would pick up the rotary tool and lose myself for hours, breaking through the plaster, revealing the hollow core, and creating the fluid shapes.

Once the negative space had come to life, I painted the torso matte black to further convey and emphasize the shadowy effect that would be central to the
piece. At last, I thoughtfully and deliberately plunged the hollow body with 268 white andorange syringes, creating a pattern to further tell the story. The sculpture was complete.

Months later, the figure stood before me in a vast banquet hall full of people. The black torso of the female form receded into the background as the multitude of syringes stood out like a cascade of flowers blooming from the body—those same syringes that had once pierced my skin, the same syringes that were my lifeline. I saw myself in the form. It reminded me of the many times I have fallen into the shadows, when I was defined by my disease, when others saw me primarily for what was beneath my surface, rather than as the complex, multi-faceted woman I am.

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