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I spent the evening, as an ambassador and advocate, embracing the opportunity to share my personal story with nearly one thousand attendees and patrons of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Gala. It was not only a means of educating and informing the public but also an appeal for financial support to fund innovative research and policy enactment, as well as community engagement, to advance life-changing breakthroughs for Type 1 Diabetes. Serving as a spokesperson is familiar, even comfortable to me, because I have had the chance, on multiple occasions, to offer advice to groups of youth who are also afflicted, and I have shared my story formally at various events for more than a decade. I am comfortable answering questions and providing insight as I am optimistic that my advocacy is having an impact collectively, and I know I am making a difference to a number of individuals, particularly the newly
diagnosed. The arts, for me, have transcended mere creation. They have become a tool for advocacy, a mirror reflecting my experiences and passions.



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