Abigail Vanevenhoven

I have always loved art; and have been drawing for as long as I can remember; I have dabbled with every art form I can get my hands on. Narcolepsy, however, has only been present in my life for the past five years. Narcolepsy has both negative and positive impacts on my art. Narcolepsy is not the only disability I face; I have generalized anxiety disorder and depression, too. Depression, unfortunately, has very negative impacts on my art life. Anxiety tends to have both positive and negative impacts. My life as an artist is impacted majorly by my narcolepsy by me not having to sleep or having the inability to sleep and being able to dedicate more time for my art.

           During the nights I find sleep inaccessible, I tend to surf the web or watch videos on many different artists or art forms. One of my favorite artists I follow on multiple social media platforms is named Tim Cantor. I discovered his work when I was 14, he had done some album covers for my favorite band, Imagine Dragons. I was instantly moved by his obvious talent in oil painting. My very favorite piece he has done was for “The Fall” by Imagine Dragons. Cantor has inspired many of my oil practices in my sophomore and junior years of high school. During one of Imagine Dragons’ concerts, they were able to incorporate Cantor’s art immensely. “The Fall” album cover was of a beautiful golden tree, and timcantor.com described the stage during this song as “…a sea of a million leaves falling from above, blanketing the stage and the audience below”.

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