Having depression, anxiety, and narcolepsy can be a nightmare


I am not only moved by other artists, but by music. I have noticed that along with completing art projects, music helps me calm my anxiety when art cannot. Sometimes having anxiety while trying to do an art piece can be extremely frustrating, especially when I cannot get a specific art piece perfectly right. Fortunately, if I am anxious in a situation I cannot avoid, I can almost always find a way to doodle and soothe my anxiety. Art has and always will be a coping mechanism for me.

                  Unfortunately, when facing depression, I sometimes have a very hard time finding motivation to do anything including art. This can be very frustrating when I have a commission for a customer I am working on, and I cannot seem to find the drive to work on it. Even though I can have severe depressive episodes, I always overcome them, and I know that my art will always prevail.

                  Having depression, anxiety, and narcolepsy can be a nightmare. I have many other medical issues that can sometimes be in the way of my art, but these influence everything the most; whether it be positive or negative. Knowing that art has always been my passion, I know I cannot just give it up no matter what gets in my way. I am always going to do art and I am always going to love doing it.


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