In 2019, I was diagnosed with POEMS Syndrome, a rare, autoimmune disease that affects three out of one million people.

Most of my work, whether documentary or narrative, has explored persons and stories that are not often told. They include the effort to return the Mexican gray wolf to the wild, the effects of addiction on individuals and their families and artists who participate in the graffiti festival, “Paint Louis”. Some of my films tell stories about families and community- a family owned hardware store in business over 72 years, a young woman who chooses to be married in her family’s bowling alley and those who join together to live in intentional, self-sustaining communities. Most recently I helped co-produce One Toke Over The Line…And Still Smoking, a documentary about the music and stories of folk rock duo Brewer & Shipley. I am currently in pre-production on a short film, Green Frog Cafe, that wrote and will produce later this year.

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