Gallery my Michael Che Swisher

Painting was my life for twenty years. Making art your career is more of a lifestyle choice than a career choice because it tends to consume your life. Returning to my work after a year of waiting to see if I would be able to paint again, has given me a new perspective on what I want to achieve with my time at the easeI. I am playing with new techniques which is engaging and frustrating all at the same time, I absolutely love the challenge! With my new limitations, I now need to paint bigger and looser which requires bigger canvases, bigger brushes, and new tools for exploring new techniques that won’t wear out my fine motor muscles so quickly. I have changed my working environment, now a grant will help me to buy these new tools for further exploration and growth as an artist. The MS Society asked me what it means to me to paint again. My response was, “It means everything!”

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