Gallery by Annie Young

I consider myself an artistic topographist, navigating the picture plane with my fingers–because i must. working primarily in acrylics, i manipulate the interplay of color and gesture to both conceal and reveal the underlying tactile landscape i build on canvas. though my eyesight is diminished, i continue to see a life store of visual memories and impressions. i regularly dream new images that my hands itch to put on the canvas for others to feel… i am grateful for all i have been blessed with.  I thanks the Academy of Special Dreams and Michael Dergar for believing in myself when I felt that i did not have any hope.   Thank you for all the support to launch my business and for all you do.  For the last 10 years the Academy continues to inspire and unite others by sharing a powerful message of inclusion and possibilities!  You make our dreams come true!! Thank you Michael.

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