Gallery 1 by Jane Strauss “Classic Car Hood Ornaments”

The Academy of Special Dreams is pleased to present and welcome our newest artist Jane Strauss whose photography is simply amazing for its detail about life as she sees the world around us. While Jane’s portfolio is vast ranging from plants, animals and structures, we begin with a collection of photos depicting the majesty of the classic American automobile.

Jane is a working photographer, so please feel free to contact her directly if interested in purchasing any of her pictures.  She appreciates hearing from her customers.

Jane Strauss

I have been a working photographer for over five years. I am largely self-taught, and learned by trial and error. My style proceeds from my identity as a person placed on the Autism spectrum only recently but inhabiting it all my life. Initially, my work was in color, consisted of tight detail, often larger than life, and was almost entirely based on animals, plants, structures, and objects as they were what I first noticed. People were incidental to my view. Starting in 2005, my photography was accepted for display at a variety of community venues such as restaurants, businesses, and increasingly, in juried venues. I still focus on details and irony, and often see as central images typical people look right past. My major goal in communication by photography is to show life/things as I see them, which apparently is unusual, and to use the pictures to share my view, as words often do not come easily. Paradise Center for the Arts, in Faribault, showed my photos based on “the view from the second story- the Chicago El, ” in winter 2010.

Jane’s Prints
Digital Arts for the Masses
3026 36th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55406

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