An emerging artist with a lot of talent!

Welcome to the Academy of Special!  On July 7, 2022, Sebastian was invited by Mrs. Maru Pombo, the Fundación Smilee A.C, to the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation inclusive art exhibition Uniting Borders 2022.  Maestro Michael Dergar and the Academy of Special Dreams supported these emerging artists by purchasing his artwork and providing an emerging artist grant to help him to create his first ever microbusiness in the arts.  Sebastian was invited to participate in the exhibition Emotions of the Soul in the congress of the state of Oaxaca organized by Mrs. Maru Pombo and Deputy Xóchitl Jazmín Velázquez, President of the Commission of groups in a situation of vulnerability.    At the moment Sebastian was still making pictures and soon and after the support of many he was  able to be part of a professional  exhibition making his artwork  known and get recognized by many. 


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