The Academy’s Art Club at Alhambra High School

Dear Friends:

The mission of the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation is to increase public awareness, appreciation and recognition of the creative talents of people with disabilities by providing opportunities that encourage, promote and showcase their artistic expressions. One way we accomplish our mission to support high school students with special needs is to promote their further participation in the Arts. The Academy of Special Dreams Foundation is happy and honor for the opening of our first ever Academy Art Club based at Alhambra High School for high school-aged with disabilities. Our Club takes place every Thursday and targets high school students who are pursuing either a full- or part-time course of study in any medium of Art. Your support will fill a significant gap in services for these aspiring artists who many times face daunting obstacles, financial and otherwise, just to produce their works of Art. The Academy of Special Dreams Foundation strives to build a society in which all persons, regardless of their disabilities, will have full and equal opportunities to express their talents and to be successful in the Arts. We believe we are uniquely positioned as the gateway between philanthropic-minded businesses seeking to support the special needs community and the disabled artists themselves. Our website,, has become a destination point for tens of thousands of unique visitors each month. In addition to our virtual presence online, we have established a network of dedicated volunteers called Community Ambassadors who serve as our local connection to numerous communities in and around Southern California, across the nation and abroad. We believe the Academy Art Club program at Alhambra high school will have both an immediate and long term positive impact on the lives of both the high school-aged artists with disabilities and their friends and supporters. With your support, the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation can fulfill its mission to bring awareness to artists with disabilities in furtherance of their full participation in all aspects of our society.


Michael Dergar

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