Thank you all for participating on “Go BLUE”

Michael Dergar, President and CEO of the Academy of Special Dreams thanks all the communities and friends that participated on April 30th “Go BLUE” bringing awareness to the Special Needs community.


Pasadena, CA, April 22, 2010: The Academy of Special Dreams announced today its latest effort to bring awareness to the special needs community. “Go BLUE for Special Needs Awareness” is a grass roots campaign asking everyone to wear an item of blue clothing on Friday, April 30, 2010, to show their support for the special needs community. Supporters are asked to send a photograph via e-mail JPEG attachment to the Special Academy which will post the photographs on its website – – and Facebook page – academy.

“People with physical or mental disabilities have long been precluded from fully participating in all aspects of society, sadly sometimes because of purposeful discrimination,” said Michael Dergar, President and CEO of the Pasadena-based Academy of Special Dreams. “Despite the historic passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990, and most recently with the 2008 amendments to the ADA, there still is much to do to create awareness that physical and mental disabilities should not diminish a person’s right to fully participate in our society. We believe there is a wonderful world of creativity yearning to be discovered among people with disabilities, and thus the Special Academy’s specific mission is to provide opportunities for adults of the special needs community to encourage, promote and showcase their artistic expressions.”

“Go BLUE for Special Needs Awareness is just one small step toward building a society that someday will never discriminate against a person on the basis of disability in any aspect of life,” noted Mr. Dergar.

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