Festivities in the towns of the Valley of Oaxaca. Feather Dance by special dancers.


Feather Dance Groups are created to perform during main festivities in the towns of the Valley of Oaxaca, this group with special needs are dancing before a parade that announces the beginning of the celebrations.

Los grupos de Danza de la Pluma son creados para presentarse en las principales festividades en los pueblos del Valle de Oaxaca, aqui un the adultos con necesidades especiales bailanĀ  antes de inciciarse “La Calenda”, que es un desfile que anuncia el inicio de la fiesta. Teotitlan del Valle hosts its annual festival in July. The Feather Dance (Danza de la Pluma) is one of the most treasured of the traditions kept alive in this Zapotec town.

Special thanks to Harisvision and Jose Luis Plata for their support.

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