A que Huele el Arte de Maria? The Smells of Colors?

Today we are introducing Maria Elena Beltran Mejia and Karen Andrea Martinez Macea.

Maria was born in Sincelejo Sucre, Colombia in 2001. Her visual disability did not stop her from dreaming!

As a child, she lived with her sisters in a small city Mompox Bolivar where her mother was from.   In 2011, Maria and her family went back to Colombia with the desire to learn in a school specialized for the vision impaired community.  As she grew older she became more aware of her different abilities and decided to pursue a new experience in the arts.   How can a visual impaired person can draw or recognized the colors if they can not see?  a very interesting questions!  Thanks to her classmates at school she attends, a miracle idea was born. “A que huele el arte de Maria” The Smells of Colors?  Where each color is identified for its own smell by using natural aromas.  This creative discovery in the arts opened a way of opportunities to artists like Maria (visual impaired) to identify colors by the smell and to create a unique world that now will be shared to the world.  

Karen Andrea Martinez Macea was born in 2000 in Sincelejo Sucre, Colombia.   Currently she lives in the same city taking classes specialized for our community visual impaired. A qué huele el arte de María project created opportunities for many in this community with unique qualities. Karen participated in International art exhibitions promoting Peace in various locations. Karen continues her studies in life. Her goals and desires to do her best in all she does is an example for many of us.

Maria and Karen give many thanks to all their supporters for believing in their dreams.

Mirian Mercado Pacheco, Administrator at INPES, Sincelejo Sucre Colombia.
Leidy Vizcaíno Aumada , Teacher supporting the project from campus INPES.
Leonid Enrique Baldovino Galvis . Teacher from INPES and Sincelejo Sucre Colombia.
Photography by Karen Martínez Macea and  Dory Perdomo, Director at Centro Cultural BAUPRES 

The Academy of Special Dreams Foundation is honored to welcome Maria and Karen to the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation and congratulates all supporters on this extraordinary project of Inclusion.  Congratulations! Please enjoy this wonderful artwork sample of “A que huele el arte de Maria” El Color De Las Sensaciones.

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