WinstonRylee is an Inspiration in the Arts!

The Academy of Special Dreams welcomes WinstonRylee as a Feature Artist of the month of June.

WinstonRylee was born into a family that had two truly strong talents… first, throughout his extended family you see oil painters, pastel artists, architects, etc… the second, most of his family has some form of dyslexia and has learned how to live in this world with it… WinstonRylee’s philosophy; “as an artist, dyslexia can be just as much of a blessing as a handicap… in art there is no right or wrong, up or down, and most importantly ” left or right!” so myself and others have found that it is easier to fit in where you “fit in!” you take what you were given in this world and you make the very best of it!”

WinstonRylee is an artist that creates from the abstractions flouting around in his mind… he finds some sort of material lying around the neighborhood that suits one of these abstractions and begins… though there is much thought put into the psychology behind a piece, if there is an over analyzation of construction, the piece must be rethought… the science of creation is what WinstonRylee prides himself in… using new material, medium, and technique to keep a fresh/ruffed edged look in his work…
For more information about WinstonRylee Art please contact him directly at: or visit his website at: Oceanic Installation WinstonRylee; Ocean City Art on Wood



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