Welcome to the Academy Mohammed Umar Farounk

My name is Mohammed Umar Farouk. I am 19 years old. I was born in the northern region of the Republic of Ghana. I was born into a traditional polygamous family where my father had four wives at the time of my birth. The Konkonba-Dagomba war in the early nineties resulted in my family moving from the village to the regional capital Tamale. Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately on my part, I broke my right arm when I was ten and resulted in the deformation of my right hand and I cannot use it for much and switched to my right hand for writing. I was lucky to be among the three children out of the fifteen children of my father to be chosen to attend school. I am now in my sophomore year at the University of Ghana, Legon and for that matter the first in my family to attend University. Though financially I am struggling to cope, I am in a fair academic position. My love for writing and poetry started when I was in elementary school where I loved reading more than the other subjects. Literature was my best grade when I was entering the University and I began writing some poems last year. My main challenge is getting a computer and preferably laptop to type my poems since not having one usually demoralizes me. I also will like to write plays and perhaps novels and in fact I have a lots of stories in my heard which I hope to develop, and again to write a long story without a computer will be near impossible. But I believe I will be a great poet because nothing interests me more than poetry.

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