Welcome to the Academy Kenneth James

All art and poetry that i post are copyrighted to me, U.S. Marine Corporal, Kenneth James, this is my love to all i know, and hopefully, i will find a way to share it with the world. about the languages, it won’t let me say what i want, that i speak some English, Tagalog, Espanol, some Phrases in Polish, and I know a little sign language. I want to learn Japanese, and other Asian languages and cultures, as i do from whence my people came, Poland. i am a U.S. Marine Corporal (a veteran) I am disabled due to a war which few know about (not Iraq nor Iran). I am writing a book about this war from where my disabilities derived. the bulk of the PTSD, depression and 3 crushed discs come from this war. about this war, it is likely that, of the few people who may know about it, there is likely even fewer who understand the complexity and intensity for how it adversely affects those subjected to it. this is why it is imperative that i write and publish this book I am writing about it. It must be done in order to expose myths in order to address the discrepancies of democracy which still exist here in the U.S.A. this book will help to educate society about some disturbing hidden truths of the war which will then help prevent others from being victimized, which in a way, makes an avenue to where potentially all citizens could be vulnerable to such. In turn, we will become a more civil society. My biggest accomplishment to date is my copyright of two hundred and ninety four (294) pieces of art work.



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