Welcome Melina Ngo. I want to help people as much as they help me

My world appears to be full of hardships, emotional ties, and near-death experiences. My gifted and traumatic life has been altered by critical surgeries with multiple complications. When I survived, my enigmatic and supportive parents were astonished to find me unable to breathe, see, drink and expel fluids. Being a preemie baby is special, especially when I weighed only one-pound and four ounces.

Weighing this much, means there is a ninety-five percent chance of death. I feel that I have been sent here for a reason. That reason is to teach others with my affliction to confront their doubt and move on with their lives.  My goals include: going to college, write a book, and gain experience. I want to help people as much as they help me to became independent. It may be hard at times to realize the truth of reality, but we must push on. I hope you enjoy my art work and soon I will share with you some of my creative writing hopefully you can buy my book one day.

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