Welcome Volunteer Basilio Josue Alonzo

My name is Basilio Alonzo, and I have Moderate Intellectual Disability and DiGeorge Syndrome. My vision is to bring awareness to the world about my life and the challenges I face. I came into this world on May 22, 1992 with a heart defect, which required me to have open heart surgery at only 7 months of life. As time passed, I needed another surgery, which I had on November of 2014. It was then where I had a vision. I saw many clouds, and my church. As I walked inside, angels were flying around and I saw God. He spoke to me. He explained the loss of my sister’s baby. She had no name, but he assured me that everything was fine. Suddenly, I woke up and got really sick- vomiting excessively without explanation. I believe that this was the moment that changed my life. It was then that I began going to church every day, praising God for this life he gave me.

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