Santa Obdulia Hernández Nicolás

The Academy of Special Dreams Foundation is honored to welcome Santa Obdulia to the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation as one of our featured Artists for this month.  Congratulations!   Please enjoy his wonderful artwork.

Santa Obdulia Hernández Nicolás,  Hi everyone,  thank you for the opportunity to showcase my artwork.   I discovered my passion for painting since I was little.   When I paint, I forget my limitations and become free as the wind!  Enjoy my artwork and I hope that you never give up as I have not!

I am an Afromexican visual artist that enjoys the beauty of nature proudly born in the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico.  Inclusion is a social needs globally.  A issue that our community with disabilities face everywhere.   I showcase my artwork in more than 30 art exhibitions and now thanks to the generosity and sponsorship of the Academy my artwork is crossing borders to a new land.   I hope you enjoy my artwork and thank you for giving us a voice.

Enjoy my artwork!

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