Jonathan Kono

Hello I’m Jonathan Kono.  My life is pretty much going okay so far I mean it could be better though. I have days where I don’t like school completely and then I have days where school the only place I can turn to for help. My school year now is going good and I’m trying my best to succeed in my classes and pass all of them. I prefer taking classes that I like because to me taking regular classes is not that fun.

So now over with my school talk now let get down to what I really want to do in life. The thing I want to do in life is to become a mechanic. I really like cars and trucks they are my passion and my feelings toward them are strong. When I first started coming up in life you know like in the 7th, 8th and 9th grade I wasn’t a big person about them I really didn’t care but now seem like that change and I’m always thinking about them now everyday. I’ve work on cars at school in auto shop I’ve gotten 2 years of experience at auto shop in school. The cars I mostly work on were domestic and import. Really I prefer import you know like Honda and Acura also Nissan. Then I also like American muscle cars with big block engine in them. I prefer the 1967 Chevy Camaro ss with a 555 (CID) Cubic inch diameter engine in it. It put out about 675 horsepower and 650 torque now that a lot for a big block but hey some people prefer all that power I mean it fun sometimes you know I mean burnout are crazy and fun.

Now I’m going to be telling you how I’m going to be getting this automotive career. First I’ll be going to a community college hopefully entering a basic automotive class then work my way up into an advance automotive class. I want to take automotive in community college for at least 2 years then transfer to a university automotive school so I can finish my career and maybe open my own shop with a friend or either work for a company like Honda, Chevy, or even Bmw. So I’ve told you so far how I’m going to be getting into the automotive career. Well really that pretty much all I can tell you. So thanks for reading this and hopefully you like it.

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