Honoring Maestro Reyes Gomez

On behalf of the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation and the artists we serve, we want to honor and congratulate Maestro Reyes Gomez for his endless contribution to the arts in the world! Congratulation Maestro!

Maestro Reyes Gomez is originally from El Pueblo de Santa Maria Alotepec Oaxaca, Mexico. His career as a professional artist goes beyond imagination. His artwork and talents gave him the opportunity to travel to many countries in the world, including Australia, Italy, Germany and most Latin American countries. Unfortunately due to glaucoma and loss of his vision, Maestro Gomez decided no to give up regardless of his now called disability. He did not stop his vision as an artist creating art sculptures by using his hands now. Molding some surreal artwork on face masks that represent a surreal world he continues doing what he loves most, creating art! His artwork can be found in illustrated books of art history and many sites over the internet. Congratulations Maestro Reyes Gomez.

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