Hannah McNemar

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About the Artist:

Growing up, I always had problems with concentrating and controlling myself. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was around 8 years old and was able to receive the help I needed. Having ADHD has made receiving an education extremely difficult, especially with there gradually being a switch to online classes. I have always had a hard time paying attention during lectures or during exams, and it makes completing assignments very challenging.

Despite my love for art, when I got to college, I chose to be a biology major because I had lots of people around me telling me that I needed to pick a major that would get me a good job and make me lots of money, and that art is just a hobby. I chose biology because I have always had a fascination with science and discovering things, but I would later come to regret my decision after experiencing major burnout.

Creating art has been a way for me to cope with my trauma, as well as a way for me to handle the tough situations that I have faced and heal from them. There is something that is just so therapeutic about sculpting, especially with clay. Creating something out of a blob of clay I think tells a story on its own. Working with clay has been a challenge because it is not so forgiving. One wrong move and you can completely destroy a piece, and the kiln can break a piece at any stage of the process. It has been a true test of my patience and ability to let go.

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