Gabriel Cortes Gutierrez

The Academy of Special Dreams Foundation is honored to welcome Gabriel Cortes Gutierrez as our Featured Artist! Welcome to the Academy Gabriel! Your are a true inspiration in the world of arts. Congratulations Gabriel and Welcome to the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation!

Michael Dergar/Founder

About the Artist:

I was born on April 15, 1975 in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico.

My family is made up of my mother, my two sisters, my wife and I. Since I was a child I grew up on a ranch called La Noria, where my family originates from on my mother’s side. My childhood was not common, because I was born with a physical problem called Artogryposis, which is defined as a malformation of the muscles and bones. In my case, I am physically complete, however, I do not have flexibility in my arms and legs, my spine has suffered. various operations. My hands are clumsy and although I can move my arms a little, my greatest functionality is with my mouth, after learning to use it.

My family since I was born has been humble. My cradle was a humble shoe box, as my family and friends tell me. The circumstances in which we lived were extremely critical, my mother could not afford all the expenses, including the medications and treatments that I needed to have a better life.

This is how my life went until I had the opportunity to meet a special person, her name is Trude Bock and a good friend David Werner, who helped me make my life physically easier. I started going to school to study English and to do other activities, including painting with my mouth, an activity that at first was somewhat difficult for me, since I had never tried it and that little by little I began to enjoy.

I have taken painting classes with two professors Blas Nayar and since 2018 with Miguel Flores at the CMA (Centro Municipal de las Artes) he has taught me new techniques and helps me discover my treasure, my talent and my passion for painting.

I have painted more than 100 paintings over 14 years.

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