Frances Hare

I love traveling!  I will go on a cruise on Sunday November 15th. It will be Joyce’s first time on a cruise and my fourth time on a ship. “We both are going to Cabo San Lucas Mexico”

On Sunday November 15, 2009 the Academy of Special Dreams invited two beautiful and talented ladies to enjoy a great dinner in Alhambra, California. The time was joyful! We had a great dinner in a very good local restaurant. Frances Hare and Joyce D. Janota had a wonderful time, sharing their memories and vacation’s plans for this year. Frances Hare, a great visual artist, shared with the Academy her beautiful art work. “Be nice with each other”  was the message of hope and happiness of Joyce D. Janota for these holidays. The Academy gives special thanks to Teresa Lopez for her dedication helping our special community. We invite you to listen to a beautiful message of hope, peace and determination from these wonderful artists!




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